The Red John Chronicles Part 10: Panama Red

In season 5, episode 10 of The Mentalist, my storyline didn’t appear to have a lot of movement.  But, you must ask yourself, “Is anything ever as it appears where Red John is concerned?” 

The case was another entertaining one, and Jane was up to his usual hijinks, “straining the leash” at every turn, making a mockery of the boundaries between efficient law enforcement work and getting the job done.  It was actually quite impressive, considering that he is now even more obsessed with me than he ever has been.

jane and lisbon The Red John Chronicles Part 10: Panama RedThere are some nice patterns coming into play here that you might not be aware of.  First, Patrick Jane is showing less and less respect for his job, almost to a point of dropping all pretense that he is even bothering to do what he was ostensibly hired to do. 

As he has done more and more this season, Jane put up a lot of resistance at even being asked to work on a murder case.  But, once he got to the scene, his natural curiosity took over, and he pretty much did whatever he wanted.  Breaking into the Allen research laboratory was definitely over the line, but he was able to charm the company into thinking he had their best interests at heart.

Another pattern: Jane is becoming even less deferential to agent Lisbon than he was before.  The scene at the end, where he hid her keys in a puzzle box, was telling, but Lisbon subsequently taking a hammer out of her desk and smashing the puzzle box was even more so, and a huge surprise.

Agent Cho got to have a reunion and apparent storyline closing with Summer Edgecombe, but in doing so, he went over the head of his task force boss, agent Tamsin Wade, to keep Summer from going to jail.  Though Cho did the right thing, it is obvious that he has made an enemy in Wade.

So, putting it all into the blender, what does this week’s episode mean to the recurring storyline featuring me, Red John?  Here are a few things to think about.

  1.  Everyone around Patrick Jane is now distracted or just plain “out of it.”  Rigsby and Van Pelt are now bit players, who both seem just happy to be there, but have almost no active roles in what is going on.
  2. Jane is treading on dangerous turf with Lisbon.  Will he alienate his best asset at the CBI?  Or will they become lovers? 
  3. Jane is totally consumed by finding me now.  He is following up on one clue given to him by Lorelei.  But did I know exactly how that would play out?
  4. Rest assured that nothing is ever as it seems with Red John.  You might even want to ask yourself a few questions.  Who do I have under my control at the FBI?  Who do I have under my control at the CBI?  Why does Brett Stiles know so much about me?

There are only five episodes left this season.  Stay tuned, because I am about to turn up the heat on Patrick Jane.  The only question about that heat is whether I should do it directly to Jane, or through those who are close to him.  I haven’t decided yet, but it could end up being both.

The Red John Chronicles Part 9: Black Cherry

The Mentalist, season 5, episode 9, was a fairly quiet episode, but it did thicken the overall serial plot, and careful viewers who were quick enough to do a screen capture got to see two pages of Jane’s list of people who have shaken hands with him.

To recap and review this week’s case, Jane was able to figure out who murdered a real estate agent who was once affiliated with a gang.  It looked like it was one of his old gang cronies, and the gangster did perpetrate a crime, but the victim’s “friends” from work committed the murder to cover up an accidental shooting they did at their company retreat the week before.

Jane was on his game, drawing the killers into a trap that was worthy of the days when we first became acquainted, and Jane was still making his living as a con man.  Before we get more into Jane’s search for me, and the time and energy he is spending on finding me, I would like to point out a pattern.  This season, we have seen Jane becoming more like he was in his con man days than he has been since he “reformed” and joined the CBI as a consultant.

But I digress.  What’s most important here is that Jane is now spending every minute of his spare time documenting everyone he has shaken hands with, and trying to figure out who they are.  Thanks to Lorelei’s revelation last week, he is now fully convinced that we have met.  Agent Lisbon, though, asked him one question that might confuse Patrick Jane: “What if you’ve never actually met Red John?” 

I have manipulated a lot of the events around Patrick Jane, but even I couldn’t manipulate this one.  Or could I?

It wouldn’t be any fun if I revealed the truth yet, but I am quite amused by Jane’s diligence, and the part of Jane’s list that made it onto your TV screen.  The names on the list:

janes list The Red John Chronicles Part 9: Black Cherry

Ellis Mars, Psychic.

 Dean Harken, agent at a biotech facility.

Jason Cooper, second-in-command at Visualize.

Walter Mashburn, “playboy.”

Vint Molinari, CBI.

Dr Linus Wagner, Red John copycat

Virgil Minelli, old CBI boss, retired

Dr Towlen Morning, family doctor

Osvaldo Andilles, DA’s office, “road block.”

Andilles will be an intriguing name to many.  Not only is he on Jane’s list, but he is on LaRoche’s list of suspects from last season.  He has been extremely antagonistic toward Jane, and has made no attempt to hide his contempt for Jane.

Next week’s eposide, Panama Red, will involve medical marijuana.  I will be providing some mirrors to go with the smoke.  Stay tuned.

The Red John Chronicles Part 8: Red Sails in the Sunset

In season 5, episode 8 of The Mentalist, the storyline has finally gone back where it belongs: to me.  The most important revelation is that Patrick Jane has met me and has shaken my hand.  Normally, I would execute someone for blurting as Lorelei did, when she said, “I only wonder why the two of you didn’t become lifelong friends the moment you shook hands,” but Jane manipulated her into the slip, and she has shown her loyalty to me enough that I will let her slide.  Besides, she will be useful later.

What’s more important here is that Lorelei was right: Jane has much more in common with me than he realizes.  Look at what I have made him do this season.  In this episode alone, he broke a convicted felon out of prison, aided and abetted her flight, and lied to his boss and so-called “friend,” Agent Lisbon.  He lied to the park ranger on the beach, and manipulated him into thinking Lorelei had a gun. 

Jane’s use of the phrase “I fear for my life” when asking Lisbon to fax him the crime scene pic of the crime scene from the rape and murder of Lorelei’s sister MIranda was right out of “Con Man 101.”  Jane thinks he can drive a wedge between Lorelei and I, and thinks he can use that wedge to get to me.  He thinks I raped and murdered Miranda, and that Lorelei will believe it. 

lorelei 300x225 The Red John Chronicles Part 8: Red Sails in the SunsetThink about it, though: is rape really my style?  Rape is something angry people do.  I am not angry.  I am brilliant and often misunderstood, but I am not angry.  On the contrary, it is I who makes others angry.  It is I who is the manipulator of the emotions of others.  I have made Patrick Jane so angry that he was in a mental institution for a month.  I have made him break numerous laws that he never thought of breaking as a con man.  I have turned Patrick Jane, con man extraordinaire, into someone who struggles with his emotions.

So, now, there are even more questions.  Exactly what is my relationship with Lorelei?  Could I be the father who left her family long ago, who nobody has bothered to find?  What does Agent Kirkland have to do with all of this?  And just exactly who am I? 

Jane is now suspicious of everyone with whom he has ever shaken hands.  Will he be clever enough to figure out who I am from Lorelei’s one comment? 

Those around him will never know it, but Jane is now spending every waking hour trying to figure out who is the most like him of all of those with whom he has shaken hands.

Good luck with that, Jane.

The Red John Chroincles Part 7: If It Bleeds, It Leads

In The Mentalist, Season 5, Episode 7, things have just gotten a lot more interesting for Patrick Jane.  This, of course, is as I promised last week.  So, how long did it take you to figure out that Lorelei Martins is in a maximum security prison, and not at large as everyone thought? 

Jane solved yet another case for the CBI: the murder of TV reporter Cassie Flood.  But you are going to have to ask yourself, is this connected to me?  The person who is behind the murder and the “suicide” of his assistant is obscenely rich Tommy Volker.  Volker is rich, connected, is great at manipulating people, and seems to have a sadistic streak in him, as verified by the look in his eyes as he watched while his assistant, Amanda Shaw, was murdered for “snitching” to Agent Lisbon. 

Volker is so much like me that he becomes an automatic candidate in the “Who is Red John” sweepstakes.   Speaking of which, did you notice the appearance of agent Bob Kirkland from the Office of Homeland Security?  Kirkland showed up at the end of the show to tell Lisbon not to chase Tommy Volker.  He also asked Lisbon if she wanted to go ”out for coffee sometime.”  If you didn’t recognize Kirkland, you have seen him before.  He was the male inside of the limousine in the Red Dawn episode. 

So, am I Tommy Volker?  Am I Bob Kirkland?  Or are they just more pieces in the endless puzzle I perpetrate on Patrick Jane every day?  As the Lorelei saga continues, expect another appearance from “Who is Red John” candidate Brett Stiles, as Jane negotiates an uneasy truce and seeks the aid of one of the few people he can’t get the upper hand on.

You may notice at the end that Tommy Volker has gotten away with two murders.  Agent Lisbon tells him that he “won’t get away with this;” has she overplayed her hand?  Volker may or may not be me, but Lisbon is now every bit as obsessed with Volker as Jane is with me. 

So, this is where it stands: Bob Kirkland and Alexa Schultz are obsessed with both Lisbon and Jane.  JJ LaRoche is obsessed with Jane.  Jane is obsessed with both me and Lorelei, who hasn’t been ruled out of the “who is Red John” question.  And Lisbon is obsessed with Tommy Volker.  One thing is for sure: there is a lot of obsession going on here. 

Next week, we will see Patrick Jane align himself with someone who is even a better con man than he was: Brett Stiles.  We might even see Kirkland have that “cup of coffee” with Lisbon.  Remember Jane’s trip down the rabbit hole in “Devil’s Cherry?”  Things are about to get, as Alice said, “curiouser and curiouser.”

The Red John Chronicles Part 6: Cherry Picked

In the Mentalist, season 5, episode 6, we see Patrick Jane still working patiently on trying to figure out what happened to Lorelei, questioning a driver at the correctional facility.  As Jane finishes, he crosses her off of a long list of interviewees.  Jane is called away to the scene of what turns out to be a kidnapping, but it is easy to tell his heart isn’t in it. 

TheMentalistSeason5Episode604 The Red John Chronicles Part 6: Cherry Picked

The kidnapping turns out to be an inside job, and Jane is able to figure the entire affair out in his usual way, but that, of course, is not what is important this week.  What is important is what happens that relates to me.

Jane leaves the case to continue questioning correctional employees, and refuses Lisbon’s offer to help him.  Even though it hasn’t affected his ability to solve cases, it’s obvious that his obsession with finding me is still wreaking havoc, and preventing him from ever going on with his life.  I must admit that it has been fun watching him squirm. 

Jane does a great piece of detective work and figures out that the driver known as “Walter” raped a prisoner, and that I used that knowledge as leverage to get him to do what I wanted.  Walter admitted his crime to Jane, and told him where he took Lorelei.  Jane, of course, won’t really find anything when he goes to the location and tries to figure out what happened, but it will be fun to watch him run around for nothing.

Jane did involve the police this time, and they came to arrest Walter when Jane was finished with him.  Most people were expecting Walter to commit suicide between the time it took Jane to walk away and the time it took the police to get into the house, but he didn’t. 

I am very disappointed in Walter for telling Jane where he dropped Lorelei off.  Even though it won’t do Jane any good to know, and Walter knows absolutely nothing about me, other than the fact that I contacted him under the name “Nemo,” it’s the thought that counts.  Walter is now a loose end and a liability.  Most of all, I owe him punishment for ratting me out to Jane.

Since Jane didn’t simply manipulate Walter into killing himself, it’s obvious that he is waiting for me to kill Walter.  Patrick Jane thinks that he is manipulating me, and that I may get sloppy.  If there’s one thing Jane should know by now, though, it’s that I am always a step ahead of him.  Most of all, he should know that Red John is never sloppy, and that he will find no clues to my whereabouts or identity after I dispatch Walter.

I am going to make things very interesting for Patrick Jane the next few weeks.  Stay tuned.