Could Brett Stiles be Red John?

Brett Stiles is another person who can say he is “one up” on Patrick Jane.  He is the quintessential “teflon man:” nothing sticks to him.  He is the leader of a multimillion dollar church called the “Visualize Self-realization Center.”  He is charismatic, driven, and extremely intelligent.  Though it hasn’t been “proven” yet, it is obvious that he is also quite dishonest, and may or may not believe in his own doctrine.

He knew about Red John, and told Jane that he may have information about Red John that Jane doesn’t.  This appears to be a great setup for a repeat appearance somewhere down the line.

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Brett Stiles - Could He Be Red John?

Most of all, Stiles appears to be amoral.  Amoral people are incapable of discerning right from wrong, because they don’t feel any sense of boundaries on what is right and what is wrong.  Stiles is also very powerful, and would have plenty of resources to have people working for him.

Stiles manages to have a high profile without anyone actually knowing anything about him.  He has shown the capacity to be ruthless.  And he knows all about Red John.  Most of all, he has a very capable presence.  If we see him come back this year, the chances are very good that he is, indeed, Red John.

How does Brett Stiles know so much about Red John and about Jane?

This is one of the most puzzling aspects of The Mentalist.  Is Stiles just someone who knows everything, or does he have some kind of connection to Red John?  We covered this earlier in the Britt Stiles post, but he does always seem to be a step ahead of Jane.   Even when Jane thwarts whatever Stiles has planned, Stiles has an exit strategy ready.  Given the Moriarity theory, this makes it look possible that Stiles could even be Red John, but we see him as a classic “red herring.”  This, of course, is quite fitting.

Chances of Brett Stiles being Red John: 7.5 out of 10.

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  1. 1 Dave said at 9:02 pm on April 24th, 2012:

    It makes sense that Stiles would be a prime candidate for Red John given that he appears to have the inclination to do evil while still liking Jane. This coincides with what Red John does. Red John is evil but appears to like Jane as well or at least likes to toy with him in likeable fashion. It will be interesting to see where the rest of this season takes us given that Red Johns presence/mention has been minimal to nonexistent over the last 3 to 5 episodes

  2. 2 JOE said at 9:42 am on June 13th, 2012:

    The biggest point against Stiles as Red John is that he fits too well. Otherwise, he makes the most sense as Red John. First, he is obviously as smart as Jane. Second, as a guru he clearly enjoys the mental game of manipulating people. Third, as we see his cult, it is obvious that his powers of suggestion and hypnosis at least equal Jane’s. Fourth, he has lots of money, i.e. resources for limos, skywriting, flying off to India in his own plane etc. Fifth, he seems to have an intimate knowledge about Red John which Jane doesn’t have. Sixth, he seems to have lots of mobility and free time, which Red John must have. Seventh, he is a true “Moriarty” figure who enjoys sparring with Jane so much that he would prevent Jane’s death at the hands of the student copy-cat Red Johns. Moreover, it is unlikely that he is one of Red John’s followers. He is not a follower, but a sociopathic leader. His skills in “mentalism” would probably protect him against the suggestive powers of Red John shown in the case of the FBI agent and Kristina. I vote for Brett Stiles.

  3. 3 Vasilis said at 9:54 pm on June 13th, 2012:

    I don’t think that Stiles is Red John, but someone closely associated with him. It could either be someone working for him or one of his followers maybe an ultra rich client. I believe that Red John is not a person but a generic name symbolizing a cult initiation a perverted ritual where its members prove their faith to their leader and show their guts by murdering people in a ritualistic manner. This is a cult within the Stiles church that has bifurcated from the original church. It could be an evil equivalent to the Grimm fairy tale “Iron John”.
    The female killer that was sent to murder Hightower prefered to dive to her death than to be arrested alive. This fact indicates blind obedience and willingness to die for a cause that cult and religious zealots tend to do, they prefer to suicide than to be arrested allive.
    To begin with the female killer entered that room that Gale Bertram knew so we thought he was working for Red John but then the writers offered the twist that the FBI agent was the guilty party, so by exonerating Bertram the human mind will forever delete him from the suspect list. I feel that in the future it will be proved that he was Red John’s mole in the police.
    Red John is a fan of William Blake the English poet who wrote about religion, Christianity and the struggle between good and evil, and belonged to the satanic school of poetry. This strengthens the possibility that Red John is also associated with religion of some sort.
    Blake believed that growth and development involved a conflict between contraries, opposites. One of his poems was titled the marriage of heaven and hell which is the marriage of the contraries. Blake like his hero John Milton, sympathizes with the Devil, so does the cult of Red John which probably is based around Blake’s and Milton’s beliefs. The Tyger poem talks about “Fearful Symmetry” another manifestation of Blake’s contraries. A sense of wonder and terror are closely related , the tyger is beautiful and frightening, symmetry can be awe-inspiring. Red John believes that he also has a fearful symmetry, that his perfect symmetry brings in itself terror and ugliness.

  4. 4 Chris R said at 11:31 pm on September 27th, 2012:

    Partridge isnot Red John but easily could be on of his minions. Remember Stiles had the ACTUAL ADDRESS where that the other mentalist was being held hostage and brainwashed. There is no doubt in my mind Stiles knows who Red John is and I bet it was partner. Stiles HAS TO KNOW who Red John is. How would he get that information? Remember in Visualize Stiles said that there were a number of cops that were members so it would be easy for RJ to have access to those people still. He could be an active partner with Stiles but Stiles won’t cross him because he would get killed. I don’t think for a SECOND that anyone has seen Red John. The producers said that RJ would not be identified for 2 more years meaning season 6. Also there is basically no back story to Patrick Jane other than he left his dad early and met his wife who was also a con artist and had a kid. If its ANYONE it has to be Patricks dad. Its not Patrick himself that makes no sense and he can’t be in 50 places at one time. Like the part where he is ordered to have his fingers removed. His dad supposedly was going to make big money off that lady and after Patrick left he kept conning people until he really made a lot of money and partnered up with Stiles. It makes perfect sense. As far as killing people, what happened to Patricks mom. As far as I know I am not sure. There is so much unknown a

  5. 5 Champiggle said at 9:37 pm on February 1st, 2013:

    Bret Stiles is Red John’s father.

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